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Name:Multi-fandom Drabble Tree
Location:United States of America
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Community description:Multi-fandom Drabble Tree
Coming soon
October 2011

How it works:

- There are various rules that can be used in a drabble tree.
e.g.: Last word of prev. drabble = first word of your drabble.
Last phrase of prev. drabble = first phrase of your drabble.
Lift out one sentence from prev. drabble and work it into your drabble.

- The mod will post a base drabble and the rule that will be used for that particular drabble tree. Anyone may respond to that base drabble with a new drabble.

- You don't need a DW account to participate. You can use Open ID to post your drabbles instead. There will also be a post for sharing DW invites.

- All 100-word drabbles in the drabble tree (except the writer's own drabbles) are fair game. The new drabble should be posted as a reply.

- Your drabble may be a "sequel" to the drabble you're replying to, but it should be able to stand on its own.
* Exception: You MAY NOT write a "sequel" to someone else's original drabble.

- You may write your own original drabble in reply to someone else's original drabble. If you repost your original drabble elsewhere, please link back to the original drabble that you replied to as a courtesy.

- Include your fandom (shorthand/abbreviation is acceptable), characters/pairings and the drabble rating in the subject line. You may also include a title.
e.g. Chasing Fairies (HP, Draco and Scorpius, PG)
OR, Untitled (ST:XI, Sulu/Chekov, R)
OR, The Empty Throne (Original, Eric, PG-13)

- Each drabble must be 100 words exactly. If you go over 100 words, you may post your flopsy but it will be a "dead branch" and replies to that comment will be frozen. Include your 100+ word count in the subject line.
Similarly, if you go under 100 words, you may post your drabblet but it will be a "dead branch." Include your 100- word count in the subject line.
e.g. Tattoos (GO, Anathema, PG-13, 115 words)
OR, Untitled (Narnia, Susan, G, 93 words)

- Please spell-check and reread your drabble before posting it. This is to avoid comment deletion & reposting.

- The drabble tree will be "alive" until it reaches 100 drabbles.

- Feel free to compile your drabble(s) and post them elsewhere (DW, LJ, IJ...). If you provide the link, the mod will include it in the announcement(s).

- Last but not least, have fun! =D

Here is an example drabble tree.
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